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The Woman in Black

Adapted by Stephen Mallatratt from the book by Susan Hill

Directors: Shannon Reimer and Laura Buechler

Produced by: Sandee Phillips



Way back in 1996, Nanaimo Theatre Group produced an unknown play that almost nobody saw.  However, once it swept all of the Theatre BC Awards there was considerable interest and people asked if we would do it again.  This spring, we are happy to announce that All In the Timing is back!   These witty, absurd, interesting, and funny, sketches are written by the incomparable David Ives. Each little story crafted by Ives is engaging and intelligent.  Using small bites of pure humanity, Ives is a master at recognizing our foibles and presenting them on a silver platter for our pleasure.  From construction workers perched on a skyscraper in Mere Mortals, to a laboratory with precocious primates in Words, Words, Words, All In The Timing takes  the audience on a multi-levelled dive into humour and intellect.  And like a cool pool on a hot day, every level is perfect!  Adult language is to be expected in one or two of the sketches because Ives writes as we speak, with frustration, kindness, curiosity and joy. 


Second chances don’t come around very often.  This time, be one of the people who saw, loved, and talked about All In the Timing. This play is NTG's entry into the North Island Zone Festival in May.

WARNING: Some adult language. 

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